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Earth Day


The Age of the Universe by Thierry Blancpain

Cosmic Calendar is a calendar conceptualized by Carl Sagan where all the 13.8 billion year lifetime of the Universe was scaled to fit on a one year calendar. Big Bang of course, occurred in the beginning of the year, the sun formed at 1 September, first life ( prokaryotes-simple cells) appeared at 21 of September, land plants at 20 of December, mammals at 26 of December, and primitive humans only at 22:24 of 31 December.

Something good to have in mind in this monday Earth Day.


Monserrate is now officially my favorite palace of Sintra. I love the green surroundings, the colorful rare and exotic flowers, the centennial trees, the beautiful palace interiors, with great windows and arabic details. Luckily it was a nice sunny spring day.P1000376 P1000377 P1000378 P1000380 P1000381 P1000385 P1000390 P1000399
These flowers are originally from Australia and have a very special characteristic: they only flourish from 15 in 15 years! So is kind of unique that this year we have 5 flowers! They’re huge, about 2,5 metres high.P1000403

P1000417P1000405P1000407P1000409 P1000418P1000419

Planeta Tangerina

Planeta Tangerina was elected as Best Children’s Publishers of 2013 for Europe at Bologna Children’s Book Fair. I’m an absolute fan of Planeta Tangerina so I’ll show you my favorite 3 books from them (just nottest now that they’re all from the same illustrator — Bernardo Carvalho).

High Tide by Bernardo de Carvalho

D for Dad by Isabel Martins and Bernardo de Carvalho

A Day on the Beach by Bernardo Carvalho

Have you read any book of Planeta Tangerina?

Do you have any book from any other winner publisher? I’m curious to meet them too!

Selfless Portaits I

Selfless Portraits is a very nice project where people around the world draw a facebook profile photo of some stranger. After you enter, you’ll need to choose the profile photo you wish to see drawn and a random photo of someone around the globe will be delivered to you. Then you’ll have 48 hours to draw it and only afterwards your drawn picture will be sent to you.

I already did mine of Tim Prezzano from NY as you can see.merged-Tim-Prezzano-1363861443Now I’m anxiously waiting for mine 🙂