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Art, Myth and Relationship


Art, Myth and Relationship is the theme for the 14th Portuguese Congress of Art-Therapy, this year also the 3rd Internacional Congress of Art-Therapy/ Psychoterapy, in Lisbon. The congress languages will go from Portuguese to Russian (also English of course, Italian, Spanish) and we will be talking about Relationship and creativity;  Myth and spirituality, Art and myth and much more. I’m really curious about this year congress 🙂

If you wish to present something on the congress, SPAT is accepting submissions until October 1st. Don’t forget it’ll be a great chance to meet the city! The congress will be on the beautiful Fundação Gulbenkian, with one of the most wonderful gardens of Lisbon.

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Zé Carioca* and friends

There’s a group of about 5 or 6 parrots that live freely here in Lisbon, on the surroundings of IST, where I work. Sometimes I even see them inside the campus. I’ve seen (and heard) them many times, but only today I had the chance to take pictures. It’s kind of a strange thing to see an exotic bird around here unless is in a cage, and even more when you see a pack of them, that somehow keep surviving on an habitat so different from their natural one. What stories would this guys have to tell us?01





* the brazilian parrot, friend of Donald, it remembers my childhood cartoons 🙂

Olh’á Sardinha!

I’ve participated once more on Festas de Lisboa Sardines contest. This year I decided to go digital and send them already via email yesterday.

I’m really happy with the result but I must confess, I have my favorites! I’ll be really glad to see one my illustrations all across the city in the summer. Sigh..talking about summer, can’t wait for sunny days…sardine 1 sardine 1 sardine 1