And the winners are

ohhdeer-james-barker ohhdeer-lorna-scobie ohhdeer-tiffany-beucher

Ohh Deer competition winners were announced today! Two of my expected winners won 🙂 I would definitely buy something from Lorna Scobie (whom I’ve already talked about) and James Barker (of course those masks caught my eye right away among competition entries!). Congrats!


Just found and love

Wandering around ohh deer competition submissions I just fell in love with this two illustrators talent:

Lorna Scobie | portfolioStegosaurus49951bcanvas-30x21cm
Stegosaurus – Canvas available

Merchesico | portfolioI Love Art and drawing nudes051c9dprint-A3
I love Art and Darwing Nudes – Art Print availabe here

I Love Art and summertimeda5c23canvas-42x30cm
I Love Art and Summertime – Canvas available here



Ilustrarte 2014 – 6th Biennial Internacional Exhibition of Children’s Book Illustration – is now accepting applications (3 illustrations) until 30 of september’13.

For more information about next year’s exhibition and previous winners visit their website

Ohh Deer Competition

I love Ohh deer shop so I was waiting for a long time for a new competition to get new contributors. The competition demanded 9 design, including 3 phone cases, 3 Art Prints and 3 Canvas.

Some of the work I uploaded I’ve showed here before, but there’s also some new stuff. Check the competition shop here, you’ll find some amazing artists!

Phone Cases (available in iPhone and Samsung)

Art Prints


Planeta Tangerina

Planeta Tangerina was elected as Best Children’s Publishers of 2013 for Europe at Bologna Children’s Book Fair. I’m an absolute fan of Planeta Tangerina so I’ll show you my favorite 3 books from them (just nottest now that they’re all from the same illustrator — Bernardo Carvalho).

High Tide by Bernardo de Carvalho

D for Dad by Isabel Martins and Bernardo de Carvalho

A Day on the Beach by Bernardo Carvalho

Have you read any book of Planeta Tangerina?

Do you have any book from any other winner publisher? I’m curious to meet them too!

Selfless Portaits I

Selfless Portraits is a very nice project where people around the world draw a facebook profile photo of some stranger. After you enter, you’ll need to choose the profile photo you wish to see drawn and a random photo of someone around the globe will be delivered to you. Then you’ll have 48 hours to draw it and only afterwards your drawn picture will be sent to you.

I already did mine of Tim Prezzano from NY as you can see.merged-Tim-Prezzano-1363861443Now I’m anxiously waiting for mine 🙂