How’s ya faith?


The National Geographic moment of the weekend

After being save from dying in the fireplace (effort that took several minutes because it cannot be touched, it’s poisonous) and being put in the street, the cat came and in seconds it was just the crshh-crshh-crshh sound. Ewww..


Art, Myth and Relationship


Art, Myth and Relationship is the theme for the 14th Portuguese Congress of Art-Therapy, this year also the 3rd Internacional Congress of Art-Therapy/ Psychoterapy, in Lisbon. The congress languages will go from Portuguese to Russian (also English of course, Italian, Spanish) and we will be talking about Relationship and creativity;  Myth and spirituality, Art and myth and much more. I’m really curious about this year congress 🙂

If you wish to present something on the congress, SPAT is accepting submissions until October 1st. Don’t forget it’ll be a great chance to meet the city! The congress will be on the beautiful Fundação Gulbenkian, with one of the most wonderful gardens of Lisbon.

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