Hello Europe!


Hello Europe! is a project made by three friends. What’s their ideia? They’ll be going around Europe for 100 days in an RV, stopping in several cities and in each one they’ll go looking for street artists and choosing the 3 best artists by facebook votation.

By their words:
“Sometimes the best artists hide and find where least expected. A less visible art in front of everyone with so much meaning.
Sometimes the streets are flooded with art, music, color. With charismatic faces and talent which makes us stop and observe. Forgetting the rush, the stress and the bills to pay. We awaken our senses to receive the emotions they are offering us without knowing for sure they will receive something in return.”

If you want to support their project, go to Indiegogo where they have a campaign for raising funds. If wish to know more about Hello Europe! project visit their facebook page.

I’ll be posting news here as well!


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