Joris e Mathis | Hello Europe!

Joris and Mathis, two guitar players from France performing at Lisbon. Love it!

more about Hello Europe! project here.


Night train to Lisbon

Night Train To Lisbon (IMDB)

I’m curious about this movie although so far the feedback I’ve been receiving from friends it’s not very positive. One thing is sure, it shows a beautiful city 🙂
Did you watch it?

Selfless Portaits I

Selfless Portraits is a very nice project where people around the world draw a facebook profile photo of some stranger. After you enter, you’ll need to choose the profile photo you wish to see drawn and a random photo of someone around the globe will be delivered to you. Then you’ll have 48 hours to draw it and only afterwards your drawn picture will be sent to you.

I already did mine of Tim Prezzano from NY as you can see.merged-Tim-Prezzano-1363861443Now I’m anxiously waiting for mine 🙂



(do you know who’s the author of this image? If you do, please let me know)

I was expecting Spring tomorrow, but it seems like it starts today! Wasn’t it always at 21th of March? Oh well, it is my favorite season anyway, no prejudice of starting earlier 🙂

Hello Europe!


Hello Europe! is a project made by three friends. What’s their ideia? They’ll be going around Europe for 100 days in an RV, stopping in several cities and in each one they’ll go looking for street artists and choosing the 3 best artists by facebook votation.

By their words:
“Sometimes the best artists hide and find where least expected. A less visible art in front of everyone with so much meaning.
Sometimes the streets are flooded with art, music, color. With charismatic faces and talent which makes us stop and observe. Forgetting the rush, the stress and the bills to pay. We awaken our senses to receive the emotions they are offering us without knowing for sure they will receive something in return.”

If you want to support their project, go to Indiegogo where they have a campaign for raising funds. If wish to know more about Hello Europe! project visit their facebook page.

I’ll be posting news here as well!

Waiting for the train

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All train stations from Sintra to Lisbon have been progressively modernized over the years, except for this one that keeps its old look, reminding me that this once was a small village and now is one of the most densely populated towns of Portugal.