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Lisbon was considered by Urban City Guides has the 4th most beautiful city in the world. From the top 3, I’ve only been in Paris, I think I have to do something about that soon.


Paint mania






It’s has been many years since I’ve used Paint, but I’ve used it today, and loved it! Sometimes the simplest of tools, get the more surprising results.

Zé Carioca* and friends

There’s a group of about 5 or 6 parrots that live freely here in Lisbon, on the surroundings of IST, where I work. Sometimes I even see them inside the campus. I’ve seen (and heard) them many times, but only today I had the chance to take pictures. It’s kind of a strange thing to see an exotic bird around here unless is in a cage, and even more when you see a pack of them, that somehow keep surviving on an habitat so different from their natural one. What stories would this guys have to tell us?01





* the brazilian parrot, friend of Donald, it remembers my childhood cartoons 🙂

Olh’á Sardinha!

I’ve participated once more on Festas de Lisboa Sardines contest. This year I decided to go digital and send them already via email yesterday.

I’m really happy with the result but I must confess, I have my favorites! I’ll be really glad to see one my illustrations all across the city in the summer. Sigh..talking about summer, can’t wait for sunny days…sardine 1 sardine 1 sardine 1